Monday, January 12, 2015

Reasons to Write Love Poems for Him

In this article you're going to find the reasons to write amazing love poems for him from the magnificent Jane Hirshfield. She has written seven poetry books, the most recent being, Come, Thief, also there are the essays that are considered classics, Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry. So, who is better to ask why he/she writes poetry? We asked her a two-part question and she gave us provoking and in depth answers.

Why do some people want to write cute love poems for him/her, and why do you write poems?

Jane Hirshfield: One of the many reasons is to just let go and let out your feelings, thoughts, questions, comprehensions and inner music that you don’t know you have in you. Some of the other forms of writing try to capture that feeling of letting go and try to understand that feeling. You get that feeling when you light the darkness and release something unknown in the visible.

Writing poetry attracts depths and the possibilities. It brews revolution, and whatever the old order is poetry will change it. Art is what is missing from our lives and that is why art is endless, something is always missing. Concentrated knowledge and the music of connection is what art is. Connection is very important, we read because we identify with some characters.

Do you think that art in general has a huge role to play in how we deal with the crises in the world that are happening and are a change in society? 

J. Hirshfield: Does art make change by existing or by non-existing. And should that happen? I support both sides, because art is a genuine force of good. Even if it’s not a matter of beauty, relief, or peace, it can be which is can be good. Even if it’s not about improvement of a character or bringing injustice to justice, it can be which can be good. 

So what I’m saying is that art is organizing of a vision, in a way that a pen is organized for writing poetry. And that is what makes you a better person. The rearranging and displacing words can re-open the gate to the fate of the inner world and outer world, I think that this is true, and I feel this every time when I read a good poem.

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